România a apărut ca stat, condus de Alexandru Ioan Cuza, în 1859, prin unirea dintre Moldova și Țara Românească, păstrând autonomia și statutul de stat tributar față de Imperiul Otoman, pe care-l aveau cele două principate. A fost recunoscută ca țară independentă 19 ani mai târziu. În 1918, Transilvania, Bucovina și Basarabia s-au unit cu România formând România Mare sau România interbelică, care a avut cea mai mare extindere teritorială din istoria României (295.641 km2).


"Created as a state for the Jewish people after the Second World War, Israel is a fascinating confluence of nationalities, cultures and religions" Peter, Travel Director
Israel at a glance
Set in the cradle of civilisation, Israel is filled with hallowed sites, ancient relics, and a diversity of faith and ancestry. From the floating Dead Sea, to the cosmopolitan scene in Tel Aviv, your expert Trafalgar Travel Director will take you on a journey of remarkable depths.
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Our top 3 things to do in Israel

Lush valleys and saline lakes meet ancient spiritual sites and boutique bars. The spectacular setting of Israel holds no shortage of soul-stirring moments. Here are just a few of the things you'll do in Israel with Trafalgar.

Explore the sacred city of Jerusalem

Delight in the culinary, artistic and religious cultures that blend together in the Old City, before tasting modern influences in the New City. You will find a wealth of inspiration here in the divided lands of Jerusalem, one of the oldest cities in the world.

Relax at the Dead Sea

Take a surreal float in the naturally buoyant waters of the Dead Sea, landlocked between Jordan and Israel. With some of the greatest depths and salt levels of any lake in the world, allow time to absorb the magnificence of the experience and the dense minerals, long praised for their healing powers.

Soak up the cosmopolitan atmosphere of Tel Aviv

Explore the metropolis of Tel Aviv and its 1930’s Bauhaus buildings, which reflect the warmth of the city’s sultry temperatures. Watch the sun fade at one of many beach bars and taste delicious vegetarian cuisine on a rooftop with views of the pristine Mediterranean coastline. The party capital of the Middle East has a special buzz.

Best museums in Israel

Israel’s antiquity is any archaeologist’s dream, and its museums pay tribute to this fact, bearing treasures of its people from well into the B.C.E. Visit Israel with Trafalgar, and you will journey into the country’s indigenous art and contemporary sensibility via these museums.

Israel Museum

With treasures dating from pre-history to the present day, the Israel Museum dives deep with collections ranging from fine art to biblical archaeology. Witness the revered knowledge of the Dead Sea Scrolls, bask in an oriental art garden and admire works by names like Pablo Picasso and Henry Moore.

Tel Aviv Museum of Art

The brutalist box structure of the Tel Aviv Museum of Art is a masterpiece in itself. Inside, marvel at a prominent Israeli art collection and works spanning from the 16th century to the contemporary across various mediums. Don’t miss the Department of Photography or Old Masters collection.

Bible Lands Museum

An archaeological museum chronicling the culture of those mentioned in the bible, this private collection aims to use artefacts as evidence of biblical events. Spark your intrigue over Egyptian sarcophagi, Neolithic fertility figures and an array of antiquarian art.

Best food in Israel

A tantalising blend of Middle Eastern flavours, you’ll enjoy every second of your Israel trip with Trafalgar. We’ll show you how to eat your way around this eclectic culinary scene, savouring each destination along the way.


To visit Israel without indulging in lightly fried chickpea balls would be the ultimate sin. The falafel has travelled far from its native shores, but nothing can compare to eating it here in its homeland, well seasoned and stuffed into a pita with pickled vegetables, tahini and hummus.

Israeli Salad

An accompaniment to most meals enjoyed in this part of the world, an Israeli salad is usually made up of diced cucumber, tomatoes and onion, drizzled with fresh lemon, olive oil and sumac or tahini depending on the time of day. It’s so delicious, you will eat it as a meal of its own.


First brought to Israel by the Sephardic Jews who cooked these delights in their native countries, Börek pastries are filled with salty cheese, mashed potato, mushroom, olives and more, typically finished with a sprinkling of sesame seeds. Test the temperature before you bite in, they are often served piping hot.

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